From now on, ENNA will travel to customers by much efficient cars. The old cars in the company's car fleet have been replaced with the latest generation Volkswagen Caddy, which is one of the most environment friendly cars in its class.

Before Volkswagen Caddy, the company's car fleet involved various cars, and majority of them were already older than seven years, economically less beneficial and less efficient. Therefore, this summer, ENNA replaced cars in its car fleet with new ones, equipped with everything that is necessary for a management company to visit customers even 400 km away.

“We keep up with the time and take care that our cars allow us to raise our efficiency and arrive to our clients timely,” says Ingus Stibelis, ENNA Manager. “ENNA is an environmentally responsible company that strives to use environment friendly materials, equipment and machinery, including cars.”

The amount of CO2 emissions of the new cars may be even up to 20% lower, compared to the cars used previously.

Alike the previous cars, also the new ones can be recognised by customers by the red ENNA logo. Below you can see, how one of the company's new cars looks like.