Project – Industrial park on Pulvera street, Liepāja

Management of the whole building, cleaning up the premises and territory, service maintenance and repair of devices

Area of the building: 10 714m²

Full building management:
1. Maintenance of the building and premises, cleaning up the territory and premises, façade cleaning, removal of debris, replacement of carpets, removal of snow and other
2. Servicing, maintenance, service and repair for the following engineer systems:
2.1. Elevators and lifts;
2.2. Electric power supply;
2.3. Diesel generator, fuel tanks and leads;
2.4. Fire safety systems;
2.5. Ventilations, cooling devices and smoke extract fans;
2.6. Heat supply and heating system incl. 750 kW 2 gas boilers;
2.7. Water supply;
2.8.  Sewerage;
2.9. BMS;
2.10.  UPS;
2.11.  TV, SAT, Telecommunication networks, security and video surveillance;
2.12. Servicing of automatic gates, doors and barriers, automatic lifts;
2.13. Technological devices;


Dzintaru 19, Liepāja
LV-3401, Latvia
Phone +371 63489333
Fax +371 63489330

Riga Representative office
Maskavas 250, Riga
LV-1063, Latvia
Phone +371 67358933
Fax +371 67358930

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